Hey, Kids! That’s right don’t forget to tell your parents to take you to Uncle Billy’s Fantasy Farm! It’s open right now for kids of all ages!

As usual there will be all kinds of awesome things to do like:

  1. Getting run over by a real M-1 tank!
  2. Kissing a rattlesnake right on the lips!
  3. Go bobbing for broken glass!
  4. Play pin the tail on the hand grenade!
  5. Go alligator-back-riding on Uncle Billy’s own personal alligator, “Ernie!”
  6. Get thrown off of a 500 foot ferris wheel!
  7. Ride Dodge-em cars that are made of real dynamite!


Prizes will include:

1. A chance to wrestle with “Fluffy” the 1800 pound grizzly bear! All by yourself!

2. A hand-painted picture of Richard Nixon’s crotch!

3. A 6 month supply of “Rage” the deodorant just for kids! (Mom and Dad – hands off!)

4. A giant 800 pound Idaho potato!

5. Free psychiatric treatment for life!



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